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۞Maddison, Four, Sebby and Bytes

"Mr. Feels just came and fucked me."

Hi, thanks for looking at my page! My name is Maddison, though I would prefer if you called me ‘Maddie’ or ‘Four’. I am 16 year old girl with the dreams of making a name for myself in the long run and attempting to make friends. My goal is to be an Artist and part-time Animator, along with many other numerous things in mind—it is a stretch to actually be able to become all of these things, but I know that anything is possible. For this, I get a lot of inspiration for my work from Anime, Cartoons, Manga, Books and other things….I just like a lot of animated things to be honest.
My favorite Anime’s are: Kuroshitsuji, Dragon Ball Z, Hetalia, Attack on Titan, Ginga Nagareboshi Gin, Ouran High School Host Club, Space Dandy and Tokyo Ghoul. I could name others, but without these amazing creators, animators and cast of characters, I do not believe I would be the person I am today…so I thank them deeply.
—So, mainly if you get to know me (or the online me?) you will find that I am a complete asshole and sarcastic to no end. However, I know when to shut up….I can be caring too. My sarcasm is mainly used to make people laugh and smile, and that happens to be my biggest reliever when I am stressed. So don’t be surprised if you’re close to me and I post random shit on your page or say something equivalent to a first-class smartass.
Well, I think that about covers the majority of it…thanks for reading!

Senpai, out!

Rose (Black) Bullet - F2U! by Drache-LehreLOVES: Watching Anime, drawing, being with friends, roleplaying, playing video games, reading, reading fanfics, making people smile, coffee, kittens (Persians really omfg), being lazy...etc.

Rose (Black) Bullet - F2U! by Drache-LehreHATES:: Jerks, bullying, makeup, homework, dresses, vegetables, fire, thunder...etc.

SHIT I FORGOT: I Speak Japanese! Not exactly fluent, but pretty damn good if I say so myself.
(see why all those songs are in Japanese)


PC: Chibi Nova and Maddie~ by ScottishRedWolf


I've only just started meeting some of you, but I realize I would take a bullet for you all. Your kind, sweet and loads of fun to hang out with. Your all amazing, don't you ever fricking forget that.

Black Butler Crew♥♥♥
[7:23:32 PM] єαяℓ αℓσιѕ тяαи¢у: ciel r u going to answer or no
[7:23:32 PM] єαяℓ αℓσιѕ тяαи¢у: ):
[7:23:32 PM] Claude Faustus: im srry for telling the truth ;w; )
[7:23:35 PM] єαяℓ αℓσιѕ тяαи¢у: it's ok
[7:23:37 PM] єαяℓ αℓσιѕ тяαи¢у: )
[7:27:33 PM] SICK!єαrl cιel pнanтoмнιve: are you guys sure))
[7:27:40 PM] єαяℓ αℓσιѕ тяαи¢у: yes)
[7:27:41 PM] SICK!єαrl cιel pнanтoмнιve: you want this))
[7:27:57 PM] SICK!єαrl cιel pнanтoмнιve: are u really pretty butterfly sure))
[7:28:04 PM] єαяℓ αℓσιѕ тяαи¢у: yes)
[7:29:13 PM] SICK!єαrl cιel pнanтoмнιve: Well, there's not really a reason to love. Why do humans love? Nobody knows. But why I love Sebastian? I guess I have reasons but, the main reason is that he's himself. Yeah, he's a demon. Demons tend to /seduce/ others with pure lust but, I don't mind that. I love him because he's ... well, Sebastian. What's not to love about him? His smile, eyes, hair, facial structure, personality, attitude, voice, skills, his way with people... they're all amazing, really. But the main reason is that he's been here, as Emily said. He loves me unconditionally, that's all I really want from him. He saves me, cares for me, well, about anything the human mind can think of. Sebastian is one hell of a butler, of course. But he's also one hell of a lover, and that's okay with me. I guess that's a little bit of why I love him but, you know, you can't describe a pure love with words. You can only show your love.

[ brb actually ]
[7:29:58 PM] єαяℓ αℓσιѕ тяαи¢у: awwwwwww
[7:30:03 PM] єαяℓ αℓσιѕ тяαи¢у: sebastian look
[7:30:06 PM] ѕeвaѕтιan/вυтler-cнan: I am
[7:30:15 PM] ѕeвaѕтιan/вυтler-cнan: //cries
[7:31:42 PM] єαяℓ αℓσιѕ тяαи¢у: //cries with sebastian
[7:31:44 PM] SICK!єαrl cιel pнanтoмнιve: [ back ]

[7:31:53 PM] єαяℓ αℓσιѕ тяαи¢у: it's just so.. so adorablu
[7:32:05 PM] єαяℓ αℓσιѕ тяαи¢у: ciel ur feelings r deep
[7:32:16 PM] SICK!єαrl cιel pнanтoмнιve: //dark glare at alois
[7:32:18 PM] SICK!єαrl cιel pнanтoмнιve: canustop
[7:32:27 PM] єαяℓ αℓσιѕ тяαи¢у: but
[7:32:31 PM] єαяℓ αℓσιѕ тяαи¢у: u just confessed

::The Cast

"Check out the ref sheets okay?" (Click on one!)
Demon of Hell photo Sebby60_zps6e8cc630.gif

:bulletorange:Maddison :bulletgreen:Rei :bulletblue:Rasp :bulletred:Ellis EverFlare


 photo tumblr_n66uafg2zB1s0gagyo3_r1_500_zps14b0b6c1.gif

I love Anime~♥


::Idols, Friends

:heart: MY IDOL('s):::: :heart:

SUPER long list of Friends (I Love You All)::::heart::::

----Love you Bros!




:iconheichou-minjikarkar: :iconravermonki: :iconspyrothedragon6: :iconkucykowata: :iconzorua1:


::The Queen's Lion

I am simply one hell by BlakyCat


 photo Sebby30_zpsf5987f9c.gif

commissions: black by sira16inu Closed
trades: black by sira16inu Open
request: black by sira16inu Closed
gifts: black by sira16inu Friends Only
personal: black by sira16inu Nothing atm

[Also ask me through a note about Commissions please]Exclamation Emote by Gasara

:blackrose:Other Info: SKYPE: x1helluvabutlr (I won't accept if I don't know you well enough)

:tea: Wanna Roleplay/RP? Simply note me or comment down there by Sebastian, I'd be happy to! <3

:pokeball:--Wanna battle me in Pokémon X or Y? FC: 1306-5327-2371

::"That's an order."

"Do stop thanking her for faves and assortments please, otherwise...She might BLOCK you."

That evil smirk though... photo sebby88_zps97aeeb63.gif


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